Sending sales invoices using email

When sending invoices using email the following things should be observed:

  • The recipient (“To:”) address must not contain any other address. The use of “CC:” and “BCC:” addresses is allowed.
  • The “Subject:” should contain the word “Invoice” and the invoice number. This is not mandatory, but recommended.
  • The actual invoice must be in the email as an attachment and it must be a PDF file. The email body text is not processed.
  • The email must contain only one PDF file, which has only one invoice. Other types of attachments are included to the invoice as attachments if the recipient has opted to have them. Sending of other documents along the invoice has to be agreed beforehand with the recipient.
  • Password protected or otherwise restricted files are not supported.
  • The maximum size of a PDF file is 2 Mb. One email can be a maximum of 7 Mb. If the size exceeds this limit, the invoice will not be processed and the sender will receive an error message by email.
  • The smallest allowed page size for the PDF invoice is 38 x 51 mm and the largest allowed size is A3 (29.7 x 42 cm).
  • If the PDF file has multiple invoices, only the first invoice will be scanned.
  • Scanning service recommends to use 300dpi quality when scanning documents.
  • If receiving attachments is activated:
    • If the attachment file is a PDF, filename has to include the word “attachment” (or “liite”)
    • Invoice filename has to include the word “invoice” (or “lasku”)
  • The sending email address must be able also to receive emails. After the sending the service will produce an automated reply email within 15 minutes.
  • If the invoice was accepted and processed with problems the subject of the email is:
    • “TOIMITETTU/DELIVERED:” and after that the original email subject.
  • If the invoice was NOT accepted the subject of the email is:
    • “EI TOIMITETTU/NOT DELIVERED:” and after that the original email subject
    • The invoice should be sent in corrected form again.
  • If you don’t receive the reply email within 15 minutes please contact the Apix Messaging Oy’s customer service.

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