Easy and worry-free e-invoicing

Apix makes it easy to start sending and receiving e-invoices. Our scanning service will also digitise the rest of your invoices, automating their storage.

  • Electronic invoices
  • Paper invoices
  • PDF invoices
  • EDI invoices

E-invoicing for your company

You can always count on us to deliver your company’s outgoing and incoming invoices reliably. Through us, you can send invoices to both companies and consumers.

Your company’s invoicing can be carried out not only through an individual invoicing system, but also through the invoicing feature of a financial management system, the invoicing feature of an ERP system or an accounting firm, for example.

Forget about searching for e-invoicing addresses and let Apix do it for you. We will deliver your invoices reliably in the way preferred by each of your customers.

E-invoices to companies

Send your invoices cost-effectively and automatically as e-invoices. E-invoices to companies or other organisations are sent directly to financial management systems that support e-invoices. E-invoices can also be delivered via email or by post if the recipient does not use e-invoices.

Invoices to consumers

With Apix’s turnkey model, you can easily start e-invoicing, i.e. sending invoices to consumers’ online banks. We can also deliver invoices to consumers by post, via email or to other online services. Contact us for more information on consumer invoicing!

Benefits to your company

Send e-invoices at the press of a button

  • easily send invoices to both companies and consumers
  • your invoices are automatically sent in the way preferred by the recipients
  • the appearance of your invoices does not change along the way
  • you can also add attachments to your invoices
  • automatically archive your invoices
  • you can see whether the invoices that you sent have been received

Receive e-invoices without worry

  • reduce the time spent on invoicing
  • get an up-to-date view of your invoicing data
  • discover potential savings
  • receive all your invoices electronically
  • automatically archive your invoices
  • circulate invoices for approval

Why choose Apix for sending and receiving e-invoices?

Guaranteed service

We have made invoicing easy. Apix’s services include numerous unique features that make invoicing easier than ever.

Free customer support

Our flexible customer support is always easy to reach, without additional fees. Most issues are resolved quickly during a single call.

Combine freely

Apix lets your freely choose and combine the software, accounts payable and other financial management services suitable for your company.

Invoicing without additional costs

We do not have any fixed monthly fees or other hidden costs either. You only pay for the invoices that you send or receive.

Helpful scanning service

Our scanning service converts your sales and purchase invoices sent by post or email into electronic format and sends them directly to the systems you use.

Switch to e-invoicing

Select the option that best describes your company’s current situation.

We need a system for invoicing

Start sending and receiving invoices immediately with Apix’s invoicing service.

We already have a system for invoicing

Contact us and we will offer an ideal solution for your company.

We are thinking about a partnership or integration

Contact us to discuss cooperation possibilities in greater detail.

Apix services are available in numerous financial management systems

The services provided by Apix allow you to automate the sending, receiving and archiving of invoices, without fixed costs. You can send invoices with a single click directly via the financial management systems offered by Apix partners. Receiving e-invoices is equally easy.

Apix is on a mission to make invoicing as easy for you as possible. Our approach is based on the automatic routing solution we have developed. We use our proprietary and constantly updated databases to determine whether your customer wishes to receive an e-invoice or a paper invoice. Invoices are always sent to customers in their preferred format.

Supply chain management

Apix also offers affordable solutions for digitising your other business documents, such as orders, order confirmations and delivery notices. This is something that your larger clients are sure to appreciate.

Our supply chain management service can be used via applications provided by Apix partners, such as ERP systems. Orders from buyers are routed directly to the application. Sending order confirmations to clients is equally easy.

Support for different e-invoice formats

We offer support for a wide range of e-invoice formats. The system that you use provides the data for e-invoicing, while we handle the distribution of the invoices.

  • Finvoice
  • Svefaktura
  • OIO
  • eArve
  • etc.

How can we help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about invoicing and how we could make your operations more efficient!