Send e-invoices and business messages effortlessly with Apix.

Send e-invoices and business messages effortlessly

The digital delivery of invoices and other documents provides many benefits, not least cost-savings and efficiency. Optimize payment processes today. Let us help you on your path to digitization.

  • used by over 100,000 companies
  • no monthly fees
  • over 200 integrations
  • for companies of any size

Automate and digitise your business processes
– save time, costs and your nerves

Apix automates invoicing, archiving and supply chain management. At a reasonable price.

Send invoices

Whether you are sending paper, email or e-invoices, we will make sure that they reach their intended recipients, both consumers and companies, safely and without unwanted surprises. Starting e-invoicing could not be any easier. You can send invoices with a single click, directly from your financial management system. Keep costs under control with automatic and error-free invoicing.

Receive invoices

Receive all purchase invoices electronically: paper invoices, emails, EDI invoices and e-invoices delivered directly to your system. Reduce time spent on manual processes and improve employee experience. Free up more of your time for business-critical tasks.

Transmit business documents

Automate your key supply chain processes today and start improving your business relations. Optimize your data exchange processes across the whole supply chain by transmitting business documents electronically. Let us take care of the electronic orders and transactions between your company and business partners. We will make sure that your documents are delivered without delay, with fewer mistakes.

Speed up your cash flow

Through our partners, we offer services such as convenient and cost-effective debt collection and factoring services. They enable you to speed up your cash flow and increase your revenue.

You can choose the partner service that best suits your needs. The partner service agreement between your company and the selected partner is created without having to deal with unnecessary paperwork. Our partners invoice your company directly for their services.

Why choose Apix?

Free up time for business needs

Free up time and energy for your business needs. Make your operations more efficient by automating the sending and receiving of e-invoices and other documents.

Pre-integrated into your systems

Apix’s services are already integrated into dozens of financial administration systems. If the API that you need does not exist yet, we will build it for you.

Reliable and customer-oriented

We monitor outgoing and incoming traffic on a constant basis and deal with any problems that arise. In most cases, we will fix problems before you even have a chance to notice them.

“Convenient, easy, quick, reliable.”

Apix – an expert messaging operator at your service

Apix is an e-invoicing, e-salary and EDI operator, or messaging operator for short.
We make sure that our customers’ documents are exchanged and that their critical business operations continue to operate securely.
We operate in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

over 100,000

companies use our services

over 2,000,000

business transactions per month

over 80


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