Apix is your go-to partner and digital messaging expert for EDI services.

EDI services for digitising supply chains

Apix is your go-to partner and digital messaging expert for EDI services. Our electronic ordering and delivery process is fast, error-free and reliable. Our EDI services are also easy to deploy.

EDI – electronic data interchange between organisations

The most common documents exchanged via EDI are purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices. But there are many others such as bill of lading, customs documents, inventory documents, shipping status documents and payment documents.

Our EDI service will automate your company’s document traffic, allowing you to exchange business-critical documents between the different systems of your supplier and customer network without issue. Electronic orders arrive without delay and errors are reduced when order data no longer needs to be manually processed. Having access to up-to-date and accurate order and delivery data also allows orderers to optimise their ordering and delivery processes.

Supply chain digitisation – manage orders and supply chain digitally

Apix helps you increase the efficiency of your operations by providing reliable and monitored customer-specific services for relaying business documents.

You can make the management of your company’s orders and supply chain fully digital. Orders, order confirmations, delivery notices, invoices and other documents are routed automatically between your system and the ERP systems used by your business partners.

Documents transmitted between business partners are sent directly between systems using EDI and XML connections. Implementing this kind of automation requires a messaging expert like Apix.

Customer-specific interfaces between ERP systems and Apix are implemented as cloud services.

Customer interface for transmitting documents

In the digital supply chain, documents are first transmitted from your ERP system to Apix’s servers through a tailor-made customer interface. On Apix’s servers, the information content of the documents is verified and the necessary changes are made to the way information is presented to allow your business partner’s system to receive the documentation.

Apix then transmits the documents to the receiver in a controlled manner. Apix ensures that connections between systems operate in accordance with specifications.

The digital supply chain operates in exactly the same manner when you receive documents in your own system. Documents from your business partner are first delivered to Apix’s servers. From there, they are directly transmitted to your system in an error-free and controlled manner.

Apix’s e-invoicing solution transmits invoices to both businesses and consumers as e-invoices or, with the help of printing operators, as paper invoices.

How does EDI work?

Our EDI service involves building channels for electronic data interchange between you and your customers (or suppliers).

Each EDI channel is only used to exchange one type of EDI documents between the two companies. For example, you can have a dedicated channel for receiving orders from a customer and another channel for sending electronic delivery lists.

EDI channels are also often used to send invoices. This is called EDI invoicing.

Easy and affordable EDI services from Apix

Apix is an EDI operator, and, in fact, our story started with EDI services. As such, we have extensive experience in electronic data interchange between organisations, so we would be happy to take care of the electronic orders and deliveries between your company and business partners.

Apix’s sensible pricing model makes it easy to start utilising EDI. We will build TCP/IP network connections for EDI for you. For outgoing documents, we will also carry out the format conversions (such as EDIFACT and various XML messaging specifications) necessary for specific EDI partners or systems. The receiving of EDI documents is carried out in the same way as sending, but in the reverse order.

The functioning of our EDI services is monitored 365/24/7.

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