Apix Messaging Oy


Supply chains

Apix helps you increase the efficiency of your operations by providing reliable and monitored customer-specific services for relaying business documents. You can make the management of your company’s orders and supply chain fully digital.

Documents transmitted between business partners are sent directly between systems using EDI and XML connections. Implementing this kind of automation requires a messaging expert like Apix.

Customer interface for transmitting documents

In the digital supply chain, documents are first transmitted from your ERP system to Apix’s servers through a tailor-made customer interface. On Apix’s servers, the information content of the documents is verified and the necessary changes are made to the way information is presented to allow your business partner’s system to receive the documentation.

Apix then transmits the documents to the receiver in a controlled manner. Apix ensures that connections between systems operate in accordance with specifications.

The digital supply chain operates in exactly the same manner when you receive documents in your own system. Documents from your business partner are first delivered to Apix’s servers. From there, they are directly transmitted to your system in an error-free and controlled manner.

Apix’s e-invoicing solution transmits invoices to both businesses and consumers as e-invoices or, with the help of printing operators, as paper invoices.

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