Apix Messaging Oy


Receiving e-invoices

Defective documents are not received

The Apix e-invoice service verifies all inbound e-invoice traffic to ensure that defective documents are corrected before they reach the receiving applications.

Scanning service for inbound paper invoices

Apix provides a scanning service for inbound invoices without start-up costs or fixed monthly fees.

Browser-based service

Apix has developed a browser-based service for receiving and managing purchase invoices. The service displays a list of purchase invoices and all of the information required for invoice payment at a single glance. The payment summary displays invoices falling due and paid invoices.

Invoices and their attachments can be reviewed one by one, and they can be sent to the appropriate person for verification. Invoices can also be downloaded from the service to your own computer. Apix scans paper invoices and imports them to the service in electronic form. Invoices can be sent directly from the system to your accounting firm.

Professional customer support

Apix is always ready to assist customers and listen to their concerns. When you contact Apix customer support, you will always be served by a high-level expert in messaging. Any problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Find out whether your financial management system has already been integrated with the reliable e-invoicing solution provided by Apix.

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