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Packaged solutions

The services provided by Apix allow you to automate the sending, receiving and archiving of invoices, without fixed costs. You can send invoices with a single click directly via the financial management systems offered by Apix partners. Receiving e-invoices is equally easy.

Apix is on a mission to make invoicing as easy for you as possible. Our approach is based on the automatic routing solution we have developed. We use our proprietary and constantly updated databases to determine whether your customer wishes to receive an e-invoice or a paper invoice. Invoices are always sent to customers in their preferred format, with zero errors.

Apix also offers affordable solutions for digitising your other business documents, such as orders, order confirmations and delivery notices. This is something that your larger clients are sure to appreciate.

Our supply chain management service can be used via applications provided by Apix partners, such as ERP systems. Orders from buyers are routed directly to the application. Sending order confirmations to clients is equally easy.


Ready-to-use packaged solutions

Learn more about the financial management software offered by our partners and deploy Apix services in your organisation quickly and easily.

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