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Automatic routing

The automatic routing solution developed by Apix makes e-invoicing easy and error-free. Apix automatically transmits sales invoices in the recipient’s preferred format, either as an e-invoice or paper invoice. This means that invoices are always sent to customers in the correct format.

Automatic routing helps eliminate invoicing errors. Apix identifies the invoice recipient based on the Business ID and transmits data using a confirmed and current e-invoicing address. There is no need to enter complicated e-invoicing addresses into your invoicing system or maintain data.

Convenient attachments for e-invoices

Invoices often include additional information such as subcontractor invoices, work rosters or customer notices. Attaching such documents to e-invoices has been a challenge in the past, but not for Apix.

Apix delivers e-invoice attachments to all e-invoice recipients regardless of the operator and software used. The invoice issuer saves invoice attachments in PDF format in Apix’s data repository via a web-based interface. The e-invoice will then include a link for the recipient to open the attachment.

Apix can also transmit attachments to recipients that use Finvoice solutions provided by banks. For invoices delivered as letters, the PDF attachments are printed and enclosed with the paper invoice.

Send and receive invoices with a consistent appearance

The Apix solution presents invoices in PDF format, ensuring that both e-invoices and paper invoices are seen by recipients in exactly the same format as they appear in the invoicing system.

Defective documents are not sent

The Apix e-invoice service verifies all outbound e-invoice traffic to ensure that defective documents do not reach the receiving applications. Errors are corrected before the documents are sent. Archiving

Where necessary, Apix can take responsibility for archiving all sales invoices in accordance with accounting legislation. The customer can access the archive via an Internet browser using customer-specific login credentials.

Professional customer support

Apix is always ready to assist customers and listen to their concerns. When you contact Apix customer support, you will always be served by a high-level expert in messaging. Any problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

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